The Inspiration

“Who says having a PICC line or IV means sacrificing style and comfort?”

The plastic parts of an IV device can be poky & awkward, and scream ‘I’m sick/in treatment’.P1200060With these lovingly hand-knitted armbands, you can keep all your tubing in one place, while being hip! No more fraying burn gauze or improvised socks. Yay! I designed these out of necessity. I’ve had many PICC lines during my 6 years of on-going treatment for Lyme disease and co-infections. I was tired of using ugly socks to keep the tubing tucked. And so the idea for these armbands were born!

I had no idea how uncomfortable a PICC line really was because I was so used to it. Now I can’t imagine not slipping my arm into one of these every morning! Tight enough to stay up, and loose enough to breathe, an IV Comfy Cover keeps your arm happy and you can (almost) forget you have a PICC line in! As a bonus, there is no rubbing or chaffing of the line against the rest of your body, especially nice if you suffer from skin hyper-sensitivity.

You can even wear these thin covers under long sleeve shirts or coats. Even though the tubing of the IV device itself is quite bulky, this armband makes it less noticeable. This item is made from cotton, making it proudly vegan [and made by a vegan (me!)].

crafting a grey-whale armband in moss stitch
crafting a grey-whale armband in moss stitch

They’re cushy, cool, and could come in a variety of colors! I’d be happy to make a custom armband just for you, in any color/material you’d like. Learn about custom order options. I started this shop in part to raise money for CanLyme, and my own treatment for Lyme disease. With each armband purchase, I will donate $2.00 of my proceeds to CanLyme, and if you purchase 2, I’ll donate $5.00! Thanks so much for supporting my shop and CanLyme!

Healing wishes

* Nicole