If you don’t see something already knit up that tickles your fancy, let me create your dream custom PICC line I.V. cover for you! First check out the size chart! The color variety will vary with availability, and as new colors come in, the color chart will be updated and restocked.

What you need to place a Custom order:

1. ~Choose a Color

2015 Color Chart

2. ~Pick a Ribbing~ (please note. classic ribbing is included in base price. other ribbings are an additional $3)

  • Basic Rib
  • Moss Stitch Rib
  • Swirling Rib
  • Twin Rib

Optional Add-On’s a.k.a. the Pizzaz -> knitted flower w/ vintage button centre

deep purple armband with cheery blossom flower & vintage button
deep purple armband with cheery blossom flower & vintage button
choosing is many options!
choosing is tough…so many options!

Nothing catching your eye? Describe what you’re looking for (colours, textures, materials, shapes, inspiration, function) and I’ll transform your ideas into knitting! Or if you’re not exactly sure what you’re looking for, tell me a bit about yourself (favorite colors, artists, shapes, places) and I’ll let my imagination run wild. I can draw up a few designs, do some research and then, if I don’t have the color in stock, will email you a price quote :).

Contact me here!